What have we on the Rootsweb Missisquoi list accomplished in 2012?

Let’s start with the research blog…

Research blog http://missisquoigenealogy.blogspot.com/ Almost 100 blog posts –this year! Scroll to archive ( right column) and you can click on them month by month. We average almost 1,000 page views a month.

Transcription Project When LDS ( Family Search ) started posting Missisquoi area parish registers we started a project to transcribe, publish and create searchable databases for these records. This has been he perfect example of crowd sourcing a project , we’ve had over 20 volunteers working countless hours transcribing and data mining these old parish records. We have transcribed almost 4,000 images which could represent as many as 6000 individual records. http://missisquoigenealogy.blogspot.com/   Right hand column list links to all parishes we have complete and we are working on 2 new projects and always need volunteers.

Cemeteries We took every single headstone photos and burial records ( it was hundreds of records) that were sent to me over the past 8 years that I had been posted on a hodge-podge of my old web pages and merged them with existing free online cemetery collections on Find -a -Grave and or Interment.net. ( many volunteers helped !) We also created a few new cemetery listings ! ( notably Chandler) http://missisquoigenealogy.blogspot.com/ right column list all links to area cemeteries

Rootsweb Mailing list Members of this community helped each other and query posters wanting information on ancestors/families from the area or help on researching. ( looks like almost 400 posts)

This January marks the 8th year of this list and my being admin/founder.

browse http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/index/CAN-QC-MISSISQUOI/

search http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/search?path=CAN-QC-MISSISQUOI  

Thanks to everyone and Happy New Year !

1790s Baptist Preacher's visit to Caldwell's Manor and 1786 Land Petition

Linda writes ..

Here is 1790s Baptist Preacher's visit to Caldwell's Manor. ... I've included a 1786  Lower Canada Land Petition for Caldwell's Manor folks to go with it.

Caldwell's Manor Baptist

In old Missisquoi with history and reminiscences of Stanbridge Academy

In old Missisquoi with history and reminiscences of Stanbridge Academy by Julia H.S. Bugeia and Theodora Cornell Moore.

Trish has emailed me from Vancouver to say she visited a local thrift shop and found a copy of this book and in the book were many clippings and obits. It's possible one of the authors Julia Bugeia or Theodora Moore actually owned this copy of the book.

Now how the little book made it all the way to western Canada is unknown... She has nicely scanned all the articles and you can see them all here ... let me know if you know anything about this book or the authors cunningb2@gmail.com

Names include: Bugeia, Cornell, Moore, Rixford and Constantine


Contributions to the history of the Eastern Townships


Contributions to the history of the Eastern Townships : a work containing an account of the early settlement of St. Armand, Dunham, Sutton, Brome, Polton, and Bolton : with a history of the principal events that have transpired in each of these townships up to the present time (1866)
 Author: Thomas, C. (Cyrus), 1836-1908
read it here

Cowansville - Brome Methodist 1877-1879


Brome Centre Methodist Church - Quebec

Brome Centre Methodist Church
In the early 1800s, itinerant saddlebags preachers held services at a place called “Pulpit Rock”, located on the north side of the road.
It was not until 1909, that Brome Centre Methodist Church, a little wooden building with an attached side tower and open belfry, was built on Centre Road just south of Iron Hill. John Vernal, a local farmer, donated a piece of his farm for the site.
The new church was on a circuit, which included the West Brome Methodist Church, the Iron Hill Union Church and the Brome Congregational Church.
Around 1922, Brome Centre was put in a charge headed by Knowlton, which also included the Brill and Creek churches.
In 1956, the building was sold.

Cowansville, Methodist Church of Canada Baptisms, marriage, burials with index 1877-1879

You can see the original scanned documents on Family Search here

Frelighsburg Baptist 1850-1879

Frelighsburg Baptist 1850-1879 All See it as a web pager here Se original scans of records here at Family Search HERE

G. T. Batchelder, Proprietor, Missisquoi County, Quebec

Print (photomechanical) | American House, G. T. Batchelder, Proprietor, Missisquoi County, Quebec | M987.253.518 American House, G. T. Batchelder, Proprietor, Missisquoi County, Quebec H. Belden Co. (Publisher - éditeur) 1881, 19th century Ink on paper - Photolithography 14.8 x 40.5 cm Gift of Mr. Colin McMichael M987.253.518 © McCord Museum

Residence of John Massie Junior, Missisquoi County, Quebec

Print (photomechanical) | Residence of John Massie Junior, Missisquoi County, Quebec | M987.253.507 Creative Commons License Image Pairs Create a new pair Pairs created by visitors : 0 Print (photomechanical) Residence of John Massie Junior, Missisquoi County, Quebec H. Belden Co. (Publisher - éditeur) 1881, 19th century Ink on paper - Photolithography 5.6 x 8.8 cm Gift of Mr. Colin McMichael M987.253.507 © McCord Museum

Philipsburg Congregational Baptisms, marriages, burials -1845-1862

Quebec Philipsburg Transcribe Full

Transcripts of Parish Registers for Missisquoi Area a project of the Missisquoi Rootsweb group 2012

Here is a list of the transcription we have completed !

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that made this happen ( Mary Anna, Sam, Chris, Christine, Diane, Francine , and Kathryn)

We have as of 10/20/2012 transcribed 2,023 images which may represent( 2 records per image) as many as 3,500 individual vital records ( baptism, marriage & burial ) records. * some of these are being worked on now and they will be desibnated with " *working"  !

Transcripts of Parish Registers for Missisquoi area from the Quebec, Non-Catholic Parish Registers, 1763-1967 at FamilySearch.org - A Project of the Missisquoi Rootsweb group 2012

Methodist 1876-1879 ( 91 images)

Church of England 1877-1879 (58 images)
Congregational 1843-1853 (215 images)
Brome-Sutton Second Advent 1854-1877 ( 230 images)

Brome - Cowansvile Congregational 1853,1859 & 1862 (42 images)
  Cowansville -Brome Methodist 1877-1879 ( 61 images ) *Working

Methodist (Dunham Circuit) 1844-1856 ( 39 images)
Baptist 1858-1860 (38 images)
Missisquoi Church of Scotland (28 images )
Dunham- Farnham Second Advent (114 images)

East Farnham
* 2nd Advent 1877-1879

Baptist 1850-1879 (150 images)

Congregational 1845-1862 (76 images)
• Methodist 1864-1879 (270 images) *Working

Saint Armand
• Methodist Church of Canada (254) *Working

St. James (Stanbridge East) (321 images)
Second Advent (97 images)


Second Advent Church of Stanbridge 1862-1869

Second Advent Church of Stanbridge Township of Stanbridge in the District of Bedford Quebec Canada Baptism, Marriage and Burial records For years 1862-1869 Stanbridge 2nd Full Excel Database See it on web here Thanks to the great volunteers that made this happen! This is a volunteer transcription of the scanned images of this church available through FamilySearch. org Quebec, Non-Catholic Parish Registers, 1763-1967 Stanbridge, Second Advent Transcribed by Missisquoi Rootsweb volunteers 2012

1855 Militia of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Captain John Corey's Company November 24, 1855 Roster

1855 Militia of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec Roster
 Captain John Corey's Company November 24, 1855

 The Sedentary Militia, an unpaid and compulsory force of all able-bodied males aged 18 to 60 organized along county lines. The Militia Act of 1855 permitted the formation of independent volunteer companies ("Active Militia") which in 1860 began to form into battalions that gradually eclipsed the Sedentary Militia. In 1864 the Sedentary Militia was re-styled "Non-Service Militia", and in 1869 its battalions were reduced to the "Reserve Militia" of each county. The Reserve Militia was last enrolled in 1873 (but never called out), deferred thereafter, and the theory that every able-bodied man was liable for service was finally abolished in 1950. The Army does not recognized regimental lineages pre-dating 1860, but regiments unofficially claim descent from the Sedentary Militia.

More Info:  1855 Militia Act

Stanbridge ~ November 24, 1855 Roll of officers and men liable to militia service in Captain John Corey Company of first Battalion of the Missisquoi Militia Roster here

1855 Stanbridge Militia by Nancy on Scribd

Brome, Sutton Second Advent Church 1855-1877

Brome, Sutton Second Advent Church

Dunham Baptist, Baptisms, marriages, burials 1858-1860


see online here

Dunham, Farnham, Stanbridge : Seigniory of Saint Armand Second Advent Transciption

Quebec, Non-Catholic Parish Registers, 1763-1967 Dunham, Farnham, Stanbridge : Seigniory of Saint Armand Second Advent

1871-1879 Dunham Farnham 2nd Adventists by cunningb

Dunham 2nd Advent Misc Yrs see original records here

Chandler Cemetery Stanbridge

Chandler 2

Brome Church of England records 1877-1879

Brome Church of England records 1877-1879

See as a web page here You can see the original records on Family search here

Missisquoi Church of Scotland records 1874

1874-Church of Scotland

You can search and view in spreadsheet format here
Thanks very much to Mary Anna for this !

Open the speadsheet here You can view images of these records on Family Search here

Dunham Circuit Methodist : New Connexion Church records 1854-1856

Dunham Methodist records 1844-1856

You can view the original records on Family Search here

Bedford Methodist Church 1876-1879


Bedford Meth 18761879 by Nancy Cunningham on Scribd

You can view the original records on Family Search here Open the spreadsheet here see online here

Brome Township and Cowansville Congregational 1859, 1862

Brome Township and Cowanville Congregational Church 1859

Brome Township and Cowansville Congregational Church 1862

Brome Congregational Church 1843-1852


You can view the original records on Family Search here Spreadsheet link here

Cemetery Locations Around Missisquoi Bay by David Ellis

Some Cemetery Locations Around Missisquoi Bay
I (David Ellis) have had difficulty locating some of the cemeteries in the region around Missisquoi Bay. With a lot of help from Doug Macfie for those in Clarenceville and Noyan region and from Brenda Birch for those farther west, I have managed to mark many of them. The following list contains links to the location in Google Maps. Most of these cemeteries are distinctly visible in the centre of the satellite image. If you zoom out from these positions without changing position, the location becomes readily apparent in the context of the town.

A recent addition to Google maps has permitted a further feature - the ability for you to directly 'visit' some of these cemeteries yourself. [I recommend you experiment with this using Dairy Valley Baptist cemetery in Clarenceville to see the effect.] After Google has loaded the map, you will see an orange colored icon of a person in the navigation bar on the left. Click on that person and drag them onto the road closest to the center of the map and hold them there a moment without releasing the mouse. [Look for the green highlight underneath the person to see what is indicated.] If the road develops a blue line along it, you have got a good one. Release the mouse and wait for the Internet to download images. You may click in the picture and drag it around to see the entire surroundings or may zoom in and out. Look for the white arrow heads in the road and click on either one to move down the road in the direction indicated. [To return to normal viewing mode, click the 'close window' symbol that is actually on the map in the top right corner.] Google is expected to add more routes over time. Because cemeteries are often not close to a reasonable road, only about half are visible at this time.

Check out David's list here

Stanbridge East Church of England in Canada St James Baptisms, marriages, burials 1852-1879


Church of St James the Apostle Stanbridge All by Nancy

You can now view and search all the transcription data on spreadsheet that allows for viewing of records by names ( persons, witnesses) and dates etc. Many thanks to Sam!

To open spreadsheet go here
You can look at the original records at Family Search here

Addie Allen Autograph book from 1874-1875 Stanbridge

Addie Allen Autograph

Some of the names are :Myrtie, May Cornell, Emma, Sanford Brenhauer, W.H. Jacques, Helen Gardner, H.L. Perry, Charles L. Jacques, Carrie, Emma O. Pettingall...

May Cornell may be daughter of SH Cornell census 1871
Helen may be daughter of Morency Gardner census 1871
H.L. Perry may be son of Henry Perry census 1871

Pettingall St Albans VT
Jacques St Albans VT
Otherss from Boston and Mass

If you know anyone from this book email me cunningb2@gmail.com

Orientation Services for Clients Library and Archives Canada


Deaths in Year 1851 Stanbridge East

Deaths in Year 1851 Stanbridge East 1851 Census

Early Settlers of Stanbridge East

Early Settlers of Stanbridge East

Stanbridge East Newspaper : Township Reformer

Stanbridge East Newspaper: Township Reformer

Stanbridge Agreement to Form 1800

Stanbridge Agreement to Form 1800

Missisquoi connected families in mystery photo


From an email I received....

I have sent this photo to so many people, genealogical societies, libraries etc. In hopes of discovering where this photo was taken, and what was
the occasion. I was thinking that maybe you could post it to your blog to ask your readers to comment.
Unfortunately, the possible date span of 1910-1913 places my family in several locations. So I cannot even begin to pin down where this Library was located. It had to have been a very important occasion for them to all get together.

The photographer wrote April 10 on the front, but my grandfather wrote the year 1913 on the back. A few of the people in this photo are of my family. Surnames, Howie, Rider, Hand and Mayo to name a few. My belief, however not positive, is that the couple seated in the
center of the front row is Clara Annette Rider, and her spouse Robert Alexander Butterworth. Don't quote me on that though. The last census I find is 1891 listing Robert & Clara Butterworth in Shefford, Quebec, Canada. I believe he remarried in 1915,
after this photo was taken....Someone in a prior response to my requests noted that many of them have a white button they are wearing. Not sure what this was for.

If you have ideas about this photo email Rich

Richard Howie howieventura(atnetscape.net

Charles E.Conklin Ancestry

Conklin Charles E Ancestory

Conklin in Troy, Orleans County, Vermont; Stanbridge, St. Armand, and Dunham, Missisquoi, Quebec; and Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont.
Evert or Everts in Stanbridge and St. Armand, Missisquoi, Quebec
Darby in Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec
Buxton in Proctersville, Windsor County, Vermont
Perault in St. Armand, Missisquoi, Quebec
Fleming in St. Armand, Missisquoi, Quebec

Townsend Hall family research- Farnham

Townsend Hall Final Ver

St. Armand List of Landholders, 1804

St. Armand List of Landholders, 1804 - contributed by David J. Ellis,

 About St. Armand North and South Roads Notary Léon Lalanne: Unumbered January 1804 Roads in St. Armand In 1804 the Land

Proprietors in St. Armand were asked which of two roads they preferred to be the legal road across the Ranges. The vote taken was recorded and is useful as an early census of land owners in the town. go here

Ancestry 15th Anniversary - Quebec Vital and Church Records, 1621-1967


How to Begin your Search Online Library and Archives Canada www.collectionscanada.gc.ca


Tracing your ancestors in Canada

Tracing your ancestors in Canada

Think Digitization During Preservation Week- here is how I'm doing it !

I can’t stress enough that everyone needs to begin digitizing your genealogy records. ( photos, documents etc. )
I bought three scanners this year and have launched into a massive project of digitizing all my old 3 ring notebooks and photo albums  !
I spent $400 bucks and bought 3 scanners, list below but I have already accomplished so much and have the tools to keep going

I bought

• Wireless HP scanner you can buy one as cheap as $66 bucks and mine is just great

• Neat scanner - small wand ( it’s so wonderful and is great for your taxes and receipts ) $170
buy here

• FlipPal portable , batter operated scanner for photos ( $149 you can scan photos while you are watching TV or take it with you to the next reunion or family get together )
Buy here

I will post these links to the blog here , if you want to take a look or buy one of these great scanners !

Think Digitization During Preservation Week
read on here 

Land Record research in Archives

Dr David Ellis sent this last week...

Many of you, as well as myself, have had occasion to use and refer to the Lower Canada Land Records. The great majority of those that I've seen come from microfilms at Library and Archives Canada (or the copies in the Quebec Archives or the copies made by the LDS). That majority come from a collection referenced as RG1 L3L, many of which are now available online at the Library and Archives Canada web site.

To get to the point of this story, Mary Munch recently drew sent me a copy of a land petition that looked for all the world like it was from that same collect. I could not find it and upon closer investigation I found that it came from a completely different set held by Library and Archives Canada. I have just received a reply from Library and Archives Canada explaining why it was not in the data set RG1 L3L. A fascinating story but to cut to the chase it seems that there is a quite massive other set of land (and other) records known as the "S Series" covering 1760 to 1841. There are apparently 5760 volumes, bundles and portfolios in this set but only 131 have been microfilmed. The rest are paper documents on their shelves and there is no reliable index to them!
None are available online.

The description of what these records really are is in a five page Postscript file so I cannot post it to this list. If you are researching land records and would like to see the Postscript description please email me and I will forward you a copy.

Here is a copy David sent today ... thanks!


AS to search Davis discusses here is more on that

I believe most of us know that Library and Archives Canada has put the Land Petitions from RG1 L3L online. There is a good search engine provided with it but my own experience is that it fails to find quite a few known references, possible due to transcription errors or just omissions. The LAC does not provide a browse capability for these records. In order to supplement what they do provide I have added a viewer to Eastern Townships Archives (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~qceastwn/archives.html).

The link to it is on that page at the bottom of the group called "Maps, Lists and Miscellaneous" (the "Land Petitions from RG1 L3L"). That link will provide a table that lists all of the pages that have been placed online by LAC. If you select any page group from that list it will popup a viewer page and will show each page in turn for 2 seconds - slide show style. When you see something that may be interesting, just click anywhere in the image and it will stop the slide show and allow you to navigate back and forth manually.

I have checked this on Microsoft's Internet Explorer and on Firefox. It probably works on Google's Chrome browser or any other full featured browser but I have not verified on those others.

Sheldon, Vermont map with land owner key

Thanks to Nicole for this wondeful map  of Sheldon.
Sheldon is a town in Franklin County, Vermont, United States.

Sheldon Map PDF

Brome County Cemetery Records

Brome county cemeteries on Internment.net

Austin Catholic Cemetery
Bolton Centre Cemetery
Brock Memorial Park
Bryant Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Duboyce Cemetery
East Bolton Cemetery
Elkins Cemetery
Fulford Cemetery
George Cemetery
Gilman Cemetery (Mansonville)
Gilman Cemetery (West Brome)
Glenbrook Cemetery
Glen Farnham Cemetery
Hillhouse Cemetery
Holy Trinity Cemetery
Holy Trinity Church Cemetery
Iron Hill & Center Road Cemetery
Knowlton Cemetery
Leadville Cemetery
Mansonville Cemetery
Miltimore Cemetery
Mudgett Cemetery
Old Abercorn Cemetery
Orcutt Family Burying Ground
Pettes Cemetery
Pettes Aseltine Cemetery
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Ruiter Settlement Cemetery
Saint John Cemetery
Silver Valley Cemetery
South Sweet Cemetery
Stone Church Cemetery
Sweet Cemetery               
Union Cemetery (Iron Hill)
Union Cemetery (S. Bolton)
Westover Cemetery

Map of the Counties of Shefford, Iberville, Brome, Missisquoi, and Rouville, Canada East.

Title: Map of the Counties of Shefford, Iberville, Brome, Missisquoi, and Rouville, Canada East.
Publisher: H.F. Walling, 1864.
Source: Missisquoi Museum
This is a very nice map depicting not only roads, railroads, and civil subdivisions but, in many cases, lot numbers and even owners of specific lots. This astonishing amount of detail is only possible because of the size of the original map: 138 x 140 cm! The map also reflects the early settlement by Anglophones, visible through the owners' names on each lot. Anglicized place names ("Lake," "River" and "Road"), and even archaic place names such as Mont Johnson (Mont-Gregoire) and St. Johns (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu) dot the map.see map here


Genealogical Research: United Church of Canada Records -Family History Tool

Family History Tool

The Missisquoi Museum in Stanbridge East - Québec, Canada [video]


Library and Archives Canada has added digitized images of Upper Canada land petitions

Library and Archives Canada has added digitized images of Upper Canada land petitions (357,831 new images in all) to its website. First search the index here (use the search link at the left; the one on the bottom didn't work for me) to find the microfilm number you need, then use the “microform digitization” research tool to you can browse the image page by page.

read on here 

National Archives Announces Website for 1940 Census Records Posted

When the 1940 census is released free online this April 2 at 9 a.m. ET, you can view your ancestors’ records free at 1940census.archives.gov. According to the National Archives announcement, no other website will host the 1940 census data on its April 2 release date. Shortly after, though, you’ll also be able to view records free on Ancestry.com.
The National Archives and the US Census Bureau also are starting a 40 Days to the ’40 Census campaign. You can follow updates on Twitter (the hashtag is #1940Census), Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, and the blogs NARAtions and Prologue: Pieces of History.

read on

Anglican Church of Stanbridge East


Missisquoi Museum - Cornell mill


Missisquoi Museum is a heritage site comprised of three different buildings. The main site known as the Cornell Mill was built as a grist mill by American Zebulon Cornell in 1830.

Museum : http://www.museemissisquoi.ca/

Old Cemetery Stanbridge East


Cowansville townhall


Stanbridge Temperance Society 1831


United Church Stanbridge East


St. James Church


Stanbridge 1801 Land Grant


Stanbridge 1801 Land Grant by Nancy

Listing of Missisquoi Churches

Protestant Missisquoi

History of the Eastern Townships province of Quebec

History of the Eastern Townships

Mapledale Morgan's Corner Cemetery burials

Mapledale Morgan's Corner

Canada Census returns catalogue


Catalogue of Canadian Censu... by on Scribd

Winter in Frelighsburg


Stanbridge Station photo


Frelighsburg / Dunham area photo


Stanbridge Cemetery


1st and 2nd Report Missisquoi Historical Society

1st report of Missisquoi historical

2nd Report

2nd Report Miss Co Hist Soc

Contributions to the history of the Eastern Townships

Contributions History Eastern Townships

Ira Davis Land title Stanbridge East


Davis Land Title Stanbridge by Nancy

The Old Academy Stanbridge East


American House Hotel Stanbridge photo 1921


1st Report Missisquoi Historical Society

1st Report Missiquoi Historical Society

Map of Missiquoi


Stanbridge East Methodist Church


Stanbridge East's part in the rebellion


Eastern Township Driving map


Bedford Newspaper tidbits

Bedford News Tidbits

History of Eastern Townships- Stanbridge

History of Eastern Townships- Stanbridge

1858 Directory Stanbridge East


Leggat , Hall and McNamara families of Cowansville


Leggat Hall Mcnamara Cowansville by Nancy

Missisquoi census map


Cowansville houses


Cowansville Houses by cunningb

Baker family of Stanbridge


Vaughn cemetery photos


Alphabetical Index : of the names of the Grantees of Lands Granted by the Crown in the Province of Quebec from 1763 to the 31st of December 1890

Alphabetical Index : of the names of the Grantees of Lands Granted by the Crown in the Province of Quebec from 1763 to the 31st of December 1890

Search list here 

Field book 1790 Seigneury de Noyan

Field book 1790  Seigneury de Noyan

Field book 1790 Seigneury de Noyan - thanks to Douglas Macfie ( Field book 1790 Seigneury de Noyan opens excel doc.)

Index of John M. McGregor 1851-1879 Notary Records

Index of John M. McGregor 1851-1879

Notary Records - Archives National of Quebec # 500290 Bedford District , Quebec

Search surname index Bedford (Québec : district judiciaire). Notariat List of other notaries that served the Bedford district

 *This is a transcription project that our group undertook!

Note: On June 15 1851 Mr. John M. McGregor receives his commission. He practices in Montreal from 1851 to 1854 and in Stanbridge from 1854 to 1880

This is indexed alphabetically by first by first letter of surname and then the events for that alpha letter are divided into years. Some of the pages are faint and blurry. The best copy has been made available. These are fairly large graphic files (jpg) click on a page to open and then save them as a graphic file on your computer you will then be able to print them as you would any graphic image. They are less blurry as a printed doc. Contains approx 200 documents.

search here

Unknown photographs of Gough family to Missisquoi Museum


Unknown photographs donated by Gough family to Missisquoi Museum ( index mostly photographer names ) - thanks to Bev Wilkin

3. taken by L.E. Desmarais & Cie ontreal
4. taken by G.C. Arless Montreal
12. no name. Photographer - Woodside 65 Merrimack St. Lowell Mass.
13. No name. Photographer - L.E. Desmarais & Cie Photo artistes 17 St. Laurent Montreal
14. no name. Photographer - Q. A. Randall Waterloo QC
15. no name (placed in photo album beside image 3) Photographer - Q.A. Randall Waterloo QC
16.no name. Photographer- Lothrop & Cunningham 112 Merrimack Street Lowell Mass
17.no name. Photographer - A.H. Tpettel? 806 Caledonia St. North La Crosse Wisconsin
19. no name. Photographer - F.F. Lampron 29 Central Street Lowell Mass.
20. no name. Photographer - Fortin Bedford QC
21. Yes a name! Phyllis Marion Smith. no photographer name

Quebec Notarial Records, Quebec 1800-1900 Family Search



Images of notarial records arranged by locality, then notary, then time period. This collection is being published as images become available.
No index 

Go here 

 Notarial Records
Notarial records exist only for the province of Quebec. They are private agreements written by a notary that took the form of contracts such as:
  • marriage contract;
  • inventory;
  • lease;
  • engagement;
  • obligation;
  • will; and
  • sale.
Marriage contracts provide information on the spouses and their parents. They were usually drawn up a few days before the religious ceremony. The Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec holds the notarial records.


Upper and Lower Canada Marriage Bonds archives


This database contains references to:
  • 7899 marriage bonds for Upper Canada (Ontario) issued between 1803 and 1865. (RG5 B9)
  • 2960 marriage bonds for Lower Canada (Quebec) issued between 1779 and 1858. (RG4 B28)

Lower Canada Land Petitions -Library and Archives Canada

When New France became a British colony in 1763, the land system changed. New lands were now granted as part of townships instead of seigneuries. Many early settlers, both military and civilian, submitted petitions to the Governor to obtain Crown land. The Lower Canada Land Petitions contain petitions for grants or leases of land and other administrative records. This research tool provides access to more than 95,000 references to individuals who lived in present-day Quebec between 1764 and 1841.

Search here : http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/lower-canada/index-e.html


Sutton Mountain and the Missisquoi Valley from hill east of Mansonville village, Québec. 19133


Lower Canada Map



East Farnham
Stanbridge East