Grantees of Farnham

The written history of the West Part of Farnham Township is fragmentary and often contradictory.  There is a real need for some student of history to make a search of original sources in order that authentic records may be gathered into something resembling a connected story of the area before the Township was divided into two parts for electoral purposes in 1855.
    It appears that the boundaries of Farnham Township were surveyed by Ephraim Nash in 1796, as his Field Book of Survey, bearing that date, is in the files of the Brome County Historical Society at Knowlton.  The Township was set up by proclamation Oct. 22, 1798, and on that date roughly the eastern half of the
Township was granted to Samuel Gale and 22 others, his “Associates”, with the usual 2.7 reserved for the crown and clergy.
    Those receiving the “A” grants at that time were, Samuel Gale (1200 acres), Oliver Wells and Samuel Wells (1200 acres),Robert and Richard Wells (1200 acres), David Wells (1400 acres),Nathaniel Church (2400 acres), Reuben Church (2400 acres),Abraham and Jacob G. Cuyler (2200 acres), Cornelius Cuyler(1200 acres), Micah Townsend (1200 acres), Ephreim Nash (1200acres), John Jones (1140 acres), James Sutherland (200 acres),Alexander Shut (200 acres), John Goudy (200 acres), John Goudy Jr. (200 acres), A. Howe (200 acres), John McBris (sic) (200acres), Wm. Matheus (sic) (200 acres), John Steel (1200 acres),Charles St. Ours (3000 acres).
    It was not until Sept. 9th, 1805 that the “B” grants were made to the following persons.  These lots were in the western part of the Township.  
Jane Cuyler, Lots 28, 30, 31, 34, 35 in Range 1. (1200 acres).
Cathalina Cuyler, Lots 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 36, Range 2. (1200 acres).
Heth Baldwin, Lots 40, 41, 43, 44, in Range 2.  Lots 45, 46, in Range 3.  (1200 acres).
 Elizabeth Cuyler, Lots 27, 28,29, 31, 32, 34, in Range 3, (1200 acres).
    There are contradictions in the historical reports of grants to the Allsopp family in 1809.  Mrs. Day, in her History of the Eastern Townships, says “an extensive tract of this wild land was made to George Allsopp Esq. for government service, but years elapsed before it was claimed by the heirs of the grantee.”
    Rev. E.M. Taylor, in his History of Brome County, lists, quoting from “Bouchette’s History”, “John Aslopp (sic) and others” as receiving grants of 10,176 acres of land in Farnham on Feb. 11th, 1809.
    M. L’Abbe St-Pierre, in his Histoire de St. Romuald de Farnham, repeats Mrs. Day’s statement.    However, another publication entitled, “Lists of Lands Granted by the Crown in the Province of Quebec from 1763 to Dec. 31st, 1890.” published in Quebec 1891, gives the following detailed information which appears to derive from the official records.
    February 11th, 1809, “C” grants.
    John Allsopp – Lots 44, Range 4; Lots 39, 40, 42, 43,
Range 5; Lots 37, 39, 40, Range 6; Lot 39; (1800 acres).
    Carleton Allsopp – Lots 39, 41, Range 3: Lots 38, 40, 41,
42, Range 4; Lots 36,38, Range 5; (1600 acres).
    Robert Allsopp – Lots 41, 42, 43, Range 7; Lots 42, 43, 44,
45, 46, 47 and 48, Range 8; (2000 acres).
    James Allsopp – Lots 45, 47, Range 4; Lots 45, 46, Range
5; Lots 41, 43, 44,46, Range 6; (1600 acres).
    William Allsopp – Lots 48, 49, Range 4; Lots 47, 49,
Range 5; Lots 45, 46, 48, Range 6; (2000 acres).
    Anna M. Allsopp – Lots 35, 36, 38, Range 3; Lots 31, 33,
34, 35, 37, Range 4 (1800 acres).
    August 24th, 1834, “C” grants.
    Sax Family – Lots 37, 38, Range 1; Lots 37,39, S 1/2 46,
Range 2; Lots 47,48, Range 2, (1100 acres).
    There were a few more grants in 1832,1837, 1847, (to the British American Land Co.) and 1855.
    It would be an interesting exercise for some researcher to determine who, among these grantees, actually settled on their grants in West Farnham.  We do know that Samuel Gale and several of his Associates in East Farnham did so.  None of the Cuylers appear to have lived on their grants.  The Saxes did settle in Farnham.  They were the descendants of the Saxes who were pioneers in St. Armand.  John Saxe had a sawmill.    The Allsopp family evidently considered their lands in Farnham hardly worth exploiting before 1840, when James Carleton Allsopp, John Bonfield Allsopp and John Charles Allsopp commenced to liquidate their holdings.
    In 1847 Col. James Allsopp gave land in Farnham for the establishment of an Anglican church.  At that date he was still living at Cap Sante’, Que.    Space limitations now force me to curtail this line of inquiry.  It would be elaborated with information now at hand.
                                                                                       G.P. Hawke
MHS#6 1960