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A generic source for all 77 notaries held by the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) for district judiciaire of Bedford.

Thanks to Howard Jackman for working on a guide for notary records in our area.

Source:Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec.
District judiciaire de Bedford.
Greffes de Notaires Source District judiciaire de Bedford.
Greffes de notaires Author Bibliothèque et

Archives nationales du Québec Coverage Year range 1799 - 1956
Subject Deed/Land records, Legal/Court records,
Will/Probate records Publication information Type Miscellaneous Citation Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.
District judiciaire de Bedford. Greffes de notaires. Repositories Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

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Cowansville Sloggett Family Mystery


Ethel writes... Here's the photo of Hattie Sloggett Fuller b. 1855 who did the painting. She was 17 in this one. I added the furniture store belonging to her father or parents Thomas and Lucretia Slogget in Cowansville.

Here are the two paintings done by Hattie Sloggett b. 1854 from Cowansville. She was married to a William H. Fuller also from the same place.

If you know anything about the Sloggett family please contact Ethel : paulethel.dessert {at}

Directory County of Missisquoi and Town of St Johns for 1879, 1880 and 1881


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Thanks Mary Anna !

Eastern Township Directory 1889 - Missisquoi County section


Transcription here

Bedford Churches - great photos and history

Bedford Pastoral Charge web page :

Includes history of 4 area churches Mystic United Church, Bedford United Church, Stanbridge East United Church , Philipsburg United Church  

History of the former Missisquoi County , Quebec


History of the former Missisquoi County , Quebec        

'Missisquoi County' is an historical county in Quebec.

The name of the county is derived from an Algonquin Abenaki word meaning "lots of waterfowl". Missisquoi County, part of the Eastern Townships (one of roughly 12 regions in Qubec), is located on the western fringes of the Appalachian foothills, giving it a rolling landscape on its eastern part. The western part of the county is situated on the Richelieu River plains. Missisquoi County is bound entirely on the south for 51 km by the Canadian-American border (45 degrees N) from 72 degrees W 40.5' to the middle of the Richelieu River (73 degrees W 20.8'), to the east by Brome County for 23 km along the meridian defined by 72 degrees W 40.5', to the northeast by Brome County and the northwest by Rouville County, and to the west by Iberville County and the Richelieu River ( Saint-Jean County is on the other side of the river). The northernmost point of the county is at 45 degrees N 21' and 73 degrees W and is also the junction of the borders of Missisquoi County, Rouville County and Iberville County. The westernmost point of the county is on the Richelieu River on at the Canadian-American border at 45 degrees N and 73 degrees W 20'. The county is divided onto 4 townships, and there 2 discontinuous zones along its western fringes without any township designation divided under the pre-1760 French parochial framework. The 4 townships are the Township of Farnham in the north, Township of Dunham in the east and Township of Stanbridge to the west, and Township of Saint Armand along the Canadian-American border. The county seat is the Town of Bedford located at 45 degrees N 7' and 72 degrees W 59' in the southwestern part of the Township of Stanbridge. Other major towns in the county are Farnham in the township of the same name and Cowansville in the northeastern corner of Dunham Township. A prominent feature of the county is Lake Champlain that juts into its western part and that separates Saint Armand Township from the western part of the county that divided according to the pre-1760 parochial framework.

In the early 1990s Quebec abolished its counties. Much of Missisquoi County became the Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality except the southwestern part was transferred to Le Haut-Richelieu Regional County Municipality.

The Eastern Townships Business and Farmers Directory, 1892- Missisquoi County


Early map of Noyan and Caldwell's Manor

Thanks Frank !
Attached is an early map of Noyan and Caldwell's Manor. It is a photographic copy of a corner of a Canadian Archives - National Map Collection - NMC 19134 map. I obtained this on a visit to the Canadian Archives in Ottawa in the 1990's