Reminiscent and otherwise life in the Eastern Township


Reminiscent and otherwise life in Eastern Township by cunningb

Rootsweb Missisquoi County Volunteer Transcription Project Fun Facts

Rootsweb Missisquoi County Volunteer Transcription Project Fun Facts

We have about even male/female transcribers

Don’t think transcribers only live in Canada, we have volunteers who live all over the world : New Zealand, New Hampshire , Scotland , Texas , Ontario, New Hampshire, Michigan and Ohio

We're not only transcribing full text of records but we are also extracting this data to excel databases ( if you’d like to work on one of these email me Nancy )

 It's very easy and fun ( and a little addicting ;-)) the records are only a few sentences long each and you need no special software or computer knowledge. We do them in batches of 25 so they are just an evenings worth of work at a time. You just need internet access and any text program. ( even just email)

We work in the Missisquoi county area and are now doing projects in Sutton and St Armand.

We have new projects planned in Frelighsburg and Bolton. We can do as many projects as we have volunteers to do them.

If you have ever found a much needed record of an ancestor birth, death or burial it's because someone transcribed the original record, indexed it and made it public.

We believe in "paying it forward " and doing good deeds in genealogy. You can now sign up online any time you'd like to volunteer using SignUpGenius  ( or contact me for link to latest project)

 We have to date transcribed 5,000 images ( or about 7500 individual baptism, marriage and burial parish records)

 Before this project this Rootsweb group transcribed the 1851 census and McGregor notary records –you can see these old (2005 and 2006) projects here: 

** If you are researching in this area make sure you are a member of our Rootsweb group 

 We have transcribed parishes from
• Abercorn Universalist 1878-1879
• Bedford Methodist Church
• Brome and Cowansville Congregational
• Brome Church of England
• Brome Congregational Church 1843-1852
• Brome, Sutton Second Advent Church 1855-1877
• Cowansville - Brome Methodist 1877-1879
• Dunham Baptist 1858-1860
• Dunham Circuit Methodist : New Connexion Church
• Dunham United Methodist - Stewards book
• Dunham, Farnham, Stanbridge : Seigniory of Saint Armand Second Advent
• East Farnham Second Advent 1877-1879
• Frelighsburg Baptist 1850-1879
• Missisquoi Church of Scotland
• Philipsburg Congregational 1845-1862
 • Phillipsburg Methodist 1864-1879
 • Saint Armand Methodist Church of Canada 1831-1836
 • Stanbridge Second Advent Church 1862-1869
• Stanbridge St James Church of England