What to Know When Searching Quebec Notary Records on Ancestry

Quebec notary records are valuable to family history researchers, because of the wealth and rich details of personal data found in them. Are you looking through these records and perhaps unsure of some things you’re seeing?

Many notary records are digitized in Ancestry’s collection, Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records, 1626-1935. This online collection includes Actes, Répertoires, and Indexes des noms digitized from notary records in a massive archived collection in Quebec’s library and archives, the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec’s (BAnQ). Launched in 2016, this is the result of an agreement between BAnQ and Ancestry. Digitization continues to progress, so keep checking back if you don’t find what you’re looking for. New records are always being added.


Catalogue of Clarenceville Academy, Canada-East, 1849


Catalogue of Clarenceville Academy, Canada-East, 1849

Rev. M. Townsend, President
Dr. P. H. Barber, Secretary
Dr. Uriah Laflin
Albert Chapman
Oliver Flagg
Peter Hawley
Amos H. Vaughan
Isaac Hogle
James McGillivray

George Lee Lyman

Charles Jonathan Alger, Hinesburgh, Vt.
Charles Nelson Beerwort, Clarenceville
Oscar Fitzallan Billings, Clarenceville
Harlin Nash Bridges, St. Albans, Vt.
John Henry Brougham, Clarenceville
Albert Tuttle Chapman, Clarenceville
George Nelson Clarke, Clarenceville
Hiram Edward Clarke, Clarenceville
Theodore Platt Clarke, Clarenceville
Myron Babcock Curtis, Georgia, Vt.
Asahel Hawley Derick, Clarenceville
Thomas Harvard Derick, Clarenceville
Lyman Holt Derick, St. Thomas
Henry Dikeman, Lacolle
Jackson Dunlop, Phillipsburgh
Geo. Melvin Emerick, St. Thomas
Walter Farnham, Dunham
Philo Judson Farnsworth, Clarenceville
Henry Stoughton Farnsworth, Clarenceville
Oliver Flagg, Jr., Clarenceville
Osman Henry Goss, Westford, Vt.
George Robert Gunn, Henryville
William Higgins Harrington, Clarenceville
Ruggles Wright Johnson, Clarenceville
Ephraim Smith Leach, Enosburgh, Vt.
Thomas Little, Clarenceville
Myron Martin, Brockville
William Cornelius Mastin, Oddelltown
Phineas Phelps, Stanbridge
William Wilder Ray, Hinesburgh, Vt.
Sylvester Rowe, Clarenceville
Jed Clesson Shattuck, Sheldon, Vt.
Seymour Smith, Phillipsburgh
William Hubert Smith, Clarenceville
Seth Sowles, Alburgh, Vt.
Austin Stewart, Clarenceville
Donald Stewart, Clarenceville
Heber Townsend, Clarenceville
Hobart Townsend, Clarenceville
Johnson Smith Walker, Clarenceville
Aubrey John Lewis Woolls, Isle Aux Noix

Sarah Baker, Sheldon, Vt.
Georgiana Eliza Barber, Clarenceville
Maranda Billings, Brockville
Frances Cleora Bingham, Brockville
Maria Bunker, Clarenceville
Frances Chadwick, Enosburgh
Sarah Avis Chapman, Clarenceville
Clarissa Minerva Clark, Clarenceville
Martha Adelaide Crosett, Enosburgh
Maria Eliza Burtis, Clarenceville
Keziah Maria Cutting, St. Johns
Lucy Hurd Derick, Clarenceville
Sarah Eliza Hawley, Clarenceville
Cecelia Lorane Hulbert, Sheldon, Vt.
Christia Ana Johnson, Clarenceville
Paulina Partlow, Stanbridge
Martha Eliza Sawyer, Clarenceville
Emeline Eunice Shattuck, Shelton, Vt.
Lucy Maria Smith, Clarenceville
Sophia Stewart, Clarenceville
Ann Eliza Townsend, Clarenceville
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Missisquoi Loyalists- Vermont Historical Society 1938

The Missisquoi Loyalists Thomas C. Lampee, vol. 6, no. 2 (June 1938): 80-140. 4 parts Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

Missisquoi’s Mercantile Past: As Seen through Consumer Goods and Ledgers at the Missisquoi Museum

Business account books or ledgers from the 19th and early twentieth centuries are a valuable resource
for the study of rural history. Historians have used account books to reveal their subjects’ community through the markets they operated in, the people they dealt with, and the goods they produced and consumed. The time that went into creating these ledgers reveals the importance of the daily relationships they recorded.
The accuracy of the ledgers and the success of the early stores depended entirely on the probity of the merchant who operated the business and whose steady hand recorded the daily hustle and bustle in his store. That attention to detail in many of the Missisquoi County ledgers now offers the researcher a unique picture of the social life and the exchanges of commodities in this newly populated area of the Eastern Townships.

 I am presently transcribing  the
Stanbridge Acct Day Book  Stanbridge Quebec 1823

Chandler Cemetery from Branches and Twigs Genealogical Society of Vermont Summer 1973


Missisquoi Tanneries thrived long ago 1979


Bibliography of Loyalist Source Material


Old Cemeteries of Saint-Armand

On September 3, 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed, bringing the American Revolutionary War to its final conclusion. Nearly two years had passed since British General Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, which had effectively ended the fighting. With this treaty, Great Britain recognised American independence and agreed upon borders for the new nation.  By this date, refugee families who had been loyal to the British side, principally from the Hudson River Valley, had begun clearing the forests to establish homesteads the lands beyond the eastern shore of Mississquoi Bay.

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1802 Grantee List for Lands in Sutton Township and maps

This is a transcribed list of the grantees along with maps of the grants

1802 Grantee List for Lands in Sutton Township by Nancy on Scribd