Bockus & Vaughan headstones from Vaughan and Union Cemetery in Mystic


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Clark and Boomhower of Missisquoi in Iowa


These are photos of the cemetery in Bristol, IA. Though Bristol no longer exists, the county keeps up this Iowa pioneer cemetery. The headstones are those of William James Clark and Burton Boomhower who were born in Missisquoi and then later moved with their families to Iowa. A number of families from Dunham and Stanbridge came out west to Iowa (via Ohio) to live and farm in Bristol and the surrounding area.

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Abercorn Cemetery - Abercorn, Brome County, Quebec



1. Amy, wife of Enoch Willey
2. Daniel Spencer
3. Betsy, dau of Richard & Welitia Spencer
4. Edna J. Ruiter, dau of Nelson & Sophia Ruiter
5. Electa Shepard, wife of Samuel Labounty
6. Charity Hopkins, wife of Nicholas Bresee
7. Anna, wife of Amos Page
8. Daniel Janes
9. Anna Janes, wife of ??
10. Allen Briggs, son of George & Sarah Jane Webster
11. Chas. Shepard & Annis Derby
12. Edgar S. Shepard
13. Electa Sanborn
14. John Willey and his wife Betsey Sanborn
15. Harriet A. Ruiter, wife of E.S. Griggs
16. Josiah Sanborn
17. Josiah, son of Thomas & Betsey Sanborn
18. John Shepard
19. Helen Shepard
20. James Ingals
21. Richard S. Spencer and Wealthy Willey
23. Polly P. wife of Daniel Janes
24. Nelson Ruiter
25. Sophia Sanborn, wife of Nelson Ruiter
26. Thomas Spencer and wife Lania Savage
27. Thomas A. Ruiter, son of Nelson & Sophia Ruiter
28. Lanny Spencer
29. Peleg Spencer
30. Thomas Sanborn and wife Betsy Flint and son John Sanborn
31. Sarah Shepard, wife of Josiah Sanborn
32. Josian, son of Thomas & Betsey Sanborn [DUPLICATE]
33. Samuel LeBounty
34. Nicholas Bresee
35. S. Jane Shepard, dau of Richard & Christina Shepard
36. Richard Shepard & wife Christina Bresee
38. Richard Shepard and wife Lanny L. Bresee
39. Sarah J. Shepard, dau of R. & L.L. Shepard
40. Martha Shepard, wife of F. L. Dwyer
41. Maria Janes
42. Thomas Shepard, died 1834
43. Thomas Shepard, Jun. Died 1822
44. Polly Flint, wife of John Shepard
45. Matildia M. Beaty, wife of John Shepard
46. A.N. Ruiter and wife M.A. Shepard
47. Ruby A. Shepard, wife of M.B. Marsh
48. Luch Ingalls, wife of Andrew Truax, and Amelia E. Rodewald

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Complete list of burials here

Union Cemetery - Mystic, Quebec


I'll try to get up a list soon but these are from Boomhower, Vaughn, Bockus, and Schoolcraft familes.

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