Cemetery Locations Around Missisquoi Bay by David Ellis

Some Cemetery Locations Around Missisquoi Bay
I (David Ellis) have had difficulty locating some of the cemeteries in the region around Missisquoi Bay. With a lot of help from Doug Macfie for those in Clarenceville and Noyan region and from Brenda Birch for those farther west, I have managed to mark many of them. The following list contains links to the location in Google Maps. Most of these cemeteries are distinctly visible in the centre of the satellite image. If you zoom out from these positions without changing position, the location becomes readily apparent in the context of the town.

A recent addition to Google maps has permitted a further feature - the ability for you to directly 'visit' some of these cemeteries yourself. [I recommend you experiment with this using Dairy Valley Baptist cemetery in Clarenceville to see the effect.] After Google has loaded the map, you will see an orange colored icon of a person in the navigation bar on the left. Click on that person and drag them onto the road closest to the center of the map and hold them there a moment without releasing the mouse. [Look for the green highlight underneath the person to see what is indicated.] If the road develops a blue line along it, you have got a good one. Release the mouse and wait for the Internet to download images. You may click in the picture and drag it around to see the entire surroundings or may zoom in and out. Look for the white arrow heads in the road and click on either one to move down the road in the direction indicated. [To return to normal viewing mode, click the 'close window' symbol that is actually on the map in the top right corner.] Google is expected to add more routes over time. Because cemeteries are often not close to a reasonable road, only about half are visible at this time.

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