Missisquoi connected families in mystery photo


From an email I received....

I have sent this photo to so many people, genealogical societies, libraries etc. In hopes of discovering where this photo was taken, and what was
the occasion. I was thinking that maybe you could post it to your blog to ask your readers to comment.
Unfortunately, the possible date span of 1910-1913 places my family in several locations. So I cannot even begin to pin down where this Library was located. It had to have been a very important occasion for them to all get together.

The photographer wrote April 10 on the front, but my grandfather wrote the year 1913 on the back. A few of the people in this photo are of my family. Surnames, Howie, Rider, Hand and Mayo to name a few. My belief, however not positive, is that the couple seated in the
center of the front row is Clara Annette Rider, and her spouse Robert Alexander Butterworth. Don't quote me on that though. The last census I find is 1891 listing Robert & Clara Butterworth in Shefford, Quebec, Canada. I believe he remarried in 1915,
after this photo was taken....Someone in a prior response to my requests noted that many of them have a white button they are wearing. Not sure what this was for.

If you have ideas about this photo email Rich

Richard Howie howieventura(atnetscape.net


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