1855 Militia of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Captain John Corey's Company November 24, 1855 Roster

1855 Militia of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec Roster
 Captain John Corey's Company November 24, 1855

 The Sedentary Militia, an unpaid and compulsory force of all able-bodied males aged 18 to 60 organized along county lines. The Militia Act of 1855 permitted the formation of independent volunteer companies ("Active Militia") which in 1860 began to form into battalions that gradually eclipsed the Sedentary Militia. In 1864 the Sedentary Militia was re-styled "Non-Service Militia", and in 1869 its battalions were reduced to the "Reserve Militia" of each county. The Reserve Militia was last enrolled in 1873 (but never called out), deferred thereafter, and the theory that every able-bodied man was liable for service was finally abolished in 1950. The Army does not recognized regimental lineages pre-dating 1860, but regiments unofficially claim descent from the Sedentary Militia.

More Info:  1855 Militia Act

Stanbridge ~ November 24, 1855 Roll of officers and men liable to militia service in Captain John Corey Company of first Battalion of the Missisquoi Militia Roster here

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