Unknown photographs of Gough family to Missisquoi Museum


Unknown photographs donated by Gough family to Missisquoi Museum ( index mostly photographer names ) - thanks to Bev Wilkin

3. taken by L.E. Desmarais & Cie ontreal
4. taken by G.C. Arless Montreal
12. no name. Photographer - Woodside 65 Merrimack St. Lowell Mass.
13. No name. Photographer - L.E. Desmarais & Cie Photo artistes 17 St. Laurent Montreal
14. no name. Photographer - Q. A. Randall Waterloo QC
15. no name (placed in photo album beside image 3) Photographer - Q.A. Randall Waterloo QC
16.no name. Photographer- Lothrop & Cunningham 112 Merrimack Street Lowell Mass
17.no name. Photographer - A.H. Tpettel? 806 Caledonia St. North La Crosse Wisconsin
19. no name. Photographer - F.F. Lampron 29 Central Street Lowell Mass.
20. no name. Photographer - Fortin Bedford QC
21. Yes a name! Phyllis Marion Smith. no photographer name


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