Think Digitization During Preservation Week- here is how I'm doing it !

I can’t stress enough that everyone needs to begin digitizing your genealogy records. ( photos, documents etc. )
I bought three scanners this year and have launched into a massive project of digitizing all my old 3 ring notebooks and photo albums  !
I spent $400 bucks and bought 3 scanners, list below but I have already accomplished so much and have the tools to keep going

I bought

• Wireless HP scanner you can buy one as cheap as $66 bucks and mine is just great

• Neat scanner - small wand ( it’s so wonderful and is great for your taxes and receipts ) $170
buy here

• FlipPal portable , batter operated scanner for photos ( $149 you can scan photos while you are watching TV or take it with you to the next reunion or family get together )
Buy here

I will post these links to the blog here , if you want to take a look or buy one of these great scanners !

Think Digitization During Preservation Week
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