Early Missisquoi Newspapers



    The Township Reformer printed in Stanbridge East.  Editor Elkanah Phelps, 1837.  R.A. McDowell, Printer
    “Justice to all Classes, Usurpation over None” . . . .    Agents for Reformer in Noyan:  David Carr.  Beech Ridge,P. Weeks.  Clarenceville: J.W. Hapgood, P.M. 
    The Missikoui Standard – Published every Tuesday morning.  J.D. Gilman, Editor, Frelighsburg.  First published,April 8, 1835.

    The Gleaner – Devoted to the news of the day, politics --agriculture – Religion – Temperance and Literature.  Printed and published every Tuesday morning in Philipsburg by H. Carr in 1847.  Office over the P.O.
 The Missisquoi News and Frontier Advocate – 1848 --Philipsburg, Canada East.  Editor W.W. Smith.
    District of Bedford Times Published only three years 1866-69 at Sweetsburg by Mr. Rose.
Bedford Times established in 1878 by A.L. Lance and printed in Bedford. Missisquoi Record printed every Friday morning in Stan-bridge East by M.D. Corey Editor and Publisher, A.H.
Gilmour, Prop.

    The Cowansville Observer – This paper was first printed in Cowansville in 1870 by John Massie.  He was the first editor of a weekly paper who conceived the idea of devoting consider-able space to matters transpiring within a radius of twenty miles.  A course which brought down upon him the sarcasmof many of his contemporaries for a time, but he lived to see this course adopted by them also, who previously deemed nothing short of burglary, murder or suicide of sufficient importance to occupy their paper.  Mr. Massie continued his paper until his death in 1886, but the Observer continued being printed until around 1910.
  Gibson’s Monthly was printed in Cowansville by W.N.Gibson as early as 1899 and was noted for its many fine historical items.
Cotton’s Weekly was printed in Cowansville in 1912 by Wm.Ulric Cotton but did not run for too many years.



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