Canada, Photographic Albums of Settlement, 1892-1917

Ancestry has new collection of Canada, Photographic Albums of Settlement, 1892-1917 The photos from the Missisquoi area are :


1236 - Yellow transparent apple
1237-1238 - View of Knowlton from England's Farm
1239 - Knowlton Museum
1240 - Pette's Memorial Library
1241 - Old Mill near Knowlton
1242 - High School
1243 - L. Whitman's Sons' Farm, near Knowlton
1244 - L. Whitman's Sons' Farm, drawing hay 1245-1247 - L. Whitman's Sons' Farm, dairy herd
1248 - John Baillie's Farm, former residence of Hon. C. Dunkin, (Minister of Agriculture)
1249 - Entrance to Blarney Castle, residence of Mr. C. Foster
1250 - Norman Snodgrass' wheat field
1251-1252 - Hon. Sydney Fisher, Alva House, (shropshires)
1253-1254 - Hon. Sydney Fisher, French Canadian Cattle
1255-1256 - Hon. Sydney Fisher, Guernseys
1257-1258 - Hon. Sydney Fisher, Haymaking
1260 - Mrs. Hillman's Farm
1259 - Country Road
1261 - Mrs. Alvin Williams' Farm
1262 - E. H. Baker's Farm, Bolton Glen, Brome
1263 - Mark Shepard's Farm, Brome
1264 - Bolton Pass, Brome

1265-1266 - Sutton from Cemetery
1267-1268 - E. A. Dyer's Farm
1269 - L. E. Dyer's Holsteins (Co-boss, Co-boss)
1270 - C.D. Mannel & Co's Veneer Mill
1271 - Major C.W. Shepherd's Farm, red sed 1 1/2 tons honey
1272 - L.A. Hawley's Farm
1273 - James Donlin's Farm

1274 - Uri Fletcher's Farm
1275-1276 - Stephen Smith's Farm, side rake and hay loader
1277-1278 - Stephen Smith's Farm, side raking up and down hill
1279-1280 - Stephen Smith's Farm, hay loader
1281 - Drummondville Junction from Train

This collection can also be found Canada, Photographic Albums of Settlement, 1892-1917 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
Original data: Photographic Albums of Canadian Settlement. 47 albums. Department of the Interior Fonds. R190-0-3-E. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Album 31, B/W Prints, Quebec 1061-1281 (1939-448)


Richard Howie said...

I am amazed that I am just now discovering this amazing photographic treasure on your blog! I see from the date you posted this over a year ago. I have skipped around through the albums, they are amazing. I am sure I will find some treasures in these photos. I guess I will also need to read up again on "Copyright!" The photo albums were obviously personal to the photographer, who is deceased. Not sure how Ancestry can now claim "Copyright". Anyway, I will enjoy looking through these as time permits. Thank you for bringing these to my attention.

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