EXCITING NEWS! We have been granted a Missisquoi ( historic county ) Rootsweb Message Board


This is exciting ! I noticed that Rootsweb were now allowing the formation  of some ‘Historic counties’ Canadian  Message boards so I applied to be granted a Missisquoi one and it was!

Yippee! This should be another great tool.

What I would like is for EVERYONE to post ( it’s called start a new thread) the surnames/ families you are researching in the area.

Post your surnames in the subject area and towns if known,  then in the body add additional any information you may have with your contact information .

You can check the box -if you want to receive an email  if anyone responds to your message.

*Note that  you also post your surnames again  in the surname box beneath the message box, this will help make the names in the message searchable throughout all the boards.

Do this today! Thanks Nancy
Go here :  http://bit.ly/10W6AnT

** you can also set up message board alerts and favorites ( top right )


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