Join QFHS at Celebrating Our Canadian Roots Day!

Join QFHS at Celebrating Our Canadian Roots Day!

Memberships for the year are only $35 and include special access and free book lending ! They have 258 ooks about Missiquoi that you can borrow for free you only need to pay to ship the book back. ( see pdf list below of books you can borrow for free)  

The Quebec Family History Society was founded August 1, 1977 to encourage the study of genealogy in Quebec and around the world. We are registered Canadian charity that helps people of all backgrounds research their family history. Our members, in addition to researching their Quebec roots, research historical records in all Canadian provinces and territories, the United States, the British Isles, and Western Europe.

Also members have access to the Quebec Land Grants
The Quebec Land Grants Database is available to QFHS members in the Members Only section. Visit


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