Cowansville - Brome Methodist 1877-1879


Brome Centre Methodist Church - Quebec

Brome Centre Methodist Church
In the early 1800s, itinerant saddlebags preachers held services at a place called “Pulpit Rock”, located on the north side of the road.
It was not until 1909, that Brome Centre Methodist Church, a little wooden building with an attached side tower and open belfry, was built on Centre Road just south of Iron Hill. John Vernal, a local farmer, donated a piece of his farm for the site.
The new church was on a circuit, which included the West Brome Methodist Church, the Iron Hill Union Church and the Brome Congregational Church.
Around 1922, Brome Centre was put in a charge headed by Knowlton, which also included the Brill and Creek churches.
In 1956, the building was sold.

Cowansville, Methodist Church of Canada Baptisms, marriage, burials with index 1877-1879

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